Limited GovernmentThe best kind of government is the kind that gives our citizens more liberty, rather than create more unnecessary laws and regulations. Elected officials are meant to serve you, not the other way around

Jobs/EconomyOut of control big government spending and debt are hurting workers the most and costing us jobs. We need to prioritize our budget and reduce unnecessary regulations so that we can actually do the job getting people back to work while still assist those that need it the most.

The Only Pro-2nd Amendment Candidate: I will work to repeal all laws in Colorado that limit YOUR 2nd Amendment constitutional rights to defend yourself and your family. YOUR 2nd amendment rights guarantees your 1st amendments rights.

EducationAs Founder and former Executive Director of Freedom for Education we saw the critical need of putting to put education back in the hands of parents and the local communities. We need to put and end to Common Core and unnecessary data collecting. We need to get the politics out of education and get back actual learning skills.

No more tax hikes: We need more accountability when it comes to our tax dollars. I will make transparency a priority. There is no need to raise taxes on money that already belongs to you especially if isn't being spent responsibly in the first place.

Immigration: The rule of law is a priority. We cannot reward those that have not gone through our immigration process at the expense of those that have sacrificed their time and money to do what they’re supposed to do.

Life and Liberty: We must protect the life of the most vulnerable. Your life and liberty should be defended and protected.


Tony Sanchez - Candidate for Senate District 22 Colorado
Tony Sanchez for Colorado Senate District 22


The key to solving many community issues is stewardship. It is the understanding that we are all valuable members of our society and not victims. It is important to empower, encourage and energize communities in order to accomplish great goals together.

Laws have been passed and enforced without any input from our communities. I will do my best to serve and support all communities in the district and encourage many of you to get involved at some level to make a difference.

Stewardship requires that we live in the present and have an appreciation for all that we have. It requires that we all take individual responsibilities for our own actions, and solve problems amongst ourselves without the interference of government.