I Believe in America

Tony Sanchez and his Family in MexicoMy love for America began in my childhood. I grew up in a working class neighborhood. My family was originally from Mexico and El Salvador.

Although some in my family originally came from near poverty conditions, they believed that by hard work and determination they could accomplish anything. The American Dream.

My family made it clear to me that I was an American, not a hyphenated one. It was important for me to be a part of something greater than myself. By putting trust in America and in God, we become something greater. My family worked hard to provide for us, and some even achieved scholarships and served in the armed forces.

My grandmother often said, “If you have enough energy to complain, you have enough energy to do.” That rang true. I realized that the only thing I could get out of anything is what I would put into it.

I worked hard to get two degrees in Political Science and Communications, along with a Master’s in International Relations. I have more than 10+ years of non-profit/business management experience. Recently, I have led the statewide fight to stop Common Core as Executive Director and President of Freedom for Education. I have also been a Board Member of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers defending hard-working Coloradoans for the last few years.

I know what it is like to be a problem solver and believe we need to represent YOUR VOICE when it come to common sense legislation. Instead of special interest projects designed more for re-election, we need leaders who will actually SOLVE problems!
There is something special about the people in Colorado. The friendly western “can-do” spirit is everywhere you go. It is important to defend our constitutional rights and liberties. It is just as important to listen and respect one another.

Tony Sanchez and his WifeThere is a disconnect. For far too long we have been silenced by political correctness or the loudest person in the room. Too many are being told that they don’t do enough, when actually they are just following the rules or doing their job. We cannot continue to treat people like they are guilty first and innocent later.

Many have lost faith not only in either party, but also in America.

Despite it all, I still believe.

This is the American Dream my family and others have talked out. This is not the time to give up but to serve. Politics has become divisive, and we can’t let our differences distract us from accomplishing the goals we have in our lives and community.

We the people need to BE the people.

I’m ready to serve the people of Colorado.

It is time for bold leadership and service. Let us work together, serve one another, and get the job done!