Justin Everett (State House Representative): Tony Sanchez is a hard worker who truly understands our community. He will represent this district very well. You can count on him to defend our values and liberties.

John Andrews (Former Senate President): “I admire Tony as a man of integrity, vision, and heart. He will make a superb Senator to fight for Jefferson County and help move Colorado forward.”

Pat Neville (State House Minority Leader) Tony Sanchez is a tremendous leader for those of us in the grassroots. He has common sense leadership, conservative principles and a good old fashion work ethic to do the job.

Sam Zakhem (Former U.S. Ambassador, Community Leader) Tony has earned the trust and the support of his constituents through your hard work and involvement in the district. Our people, the state of Colorado and our nation would be well served by your constructive and positive leadership. I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse your candidacy for the state Senate.

Dan Turner (Local Business Owner: Midas) I have owned and operated Midas for 10 years and been in the industry for 40 years and I can promise you Tony Sanchez will stand up for small business in Colorado. I supported Tony four years ago, and I absolutely support him now. I am voting for Tony Sanchez to protect the local businesses our community depends on.

Tim Neville (State Senator)

Kent Lambert (State Senator)

Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Colorado Women’s Alliance


Community Supporters:

Bonnie McNulty (Former Mayor Edgewater)

Ramey Johnson (Lakewood City Council)

Pete Royball (Mayor Pro-Tem Lakewood)

Mike Bieda (Lakewood City Council)

Greg Golansky

Dick Sargent

Dave and Eva Murray

Larry Strohl

Dee Oltmans

Nancy Mckiernan

Steve Conn

Kyle Padgett

Verle Beucke

Anil Matthai

Kevin Sipple

Rick Ricketts

Brandon Rich

C Boyd Pickens

Veanessa Burbage

Mike Kobzina

Susie Guerra

Christina Tafolla

Larry Strohl

Wendy Warner

Sue Moore

Joe Stano

Barry James

Aleta You

Bev and Mick Hartley

Barry James

Robert and Lee Abeyta

Jerry Shoemaker

Tom Graham

Charlene Clay

David Olson